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                                            Hatred stirs up strife, but LOVE covers all offenses. (Proverbs 10:12 )

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Dear Mommy and Daddy!
       I'm just a kid!  PLEASE...
don't talk badly about my other parent. It makes me feel torn apart and I feel bad about myself!  Don't talk about the grown-up issues or other grown up stuff...It makes me feel sick! PLEASE, leave me out of it!"  
Is your child having to deal with adult concerns and responsibilities as a result of you and your spouse's conflict over grown-up issues?  

Co-parenting classes help educate parents on how to focus on the children, making decisions together as a "TEAM" that are best for their children.  DOVE's classes help parents make a healthy transition in the co-parenting relationship.  Why is this important?  Because your children will be the winners!

DOVE's program is based on the belief that your children's needs are of the utmost importance to you and that you would do anything for them. I am committed to helping you to meet your child's emotional and mental needs teaching you skills that has made a difference in other parents' success.  I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you information to assist you in being the BEST Co-Parent for your children.
OKAY's very easy...choose either the Available Co - Parenting Class tab, select the class that best suits your needs  then click "Register" to sign up for your class.  I hope you can find everything you need.  DOVE Services is all about healthy children and successful co - parenting.
Co - Parenting Divorce and Non-Married 
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